Message from the President

Message from the President

Sanriku Unyu Co., Ltd. was established in 1941 to conduct marine cargo handling business based in Shiogama Port (currently the Port of Sendai-Shiogama) on the Pacific Coast in Miyagi Prefecture.
After having gone through the hard times in the late 1940s and early 1950s after the war, our business has been expanding robustly, keeping pace with the growing importance of the Port of Sendai-Shiogama following the opening of its Sendai Zone in 1971.
Like most other businesses in the Tohoku Region, our operations were severely disrupted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, which struck the region on March 11, 2011. However, we were able to bring our operations back to normal much sooner than expected, thanks to the tremendous support and assistance rendered to us by people and organizations from around the country and elsewhere, something we greatly appreciate.

With the volume of imports and exports growing sharply between Japan and the rest of the world, the Port of Sendai-Shiogama has been playing an increasingly important role as the only international hub port in the Tohoku Region, and the supply-chain needs of businesses have been becoming more global and complex.

To assist with customers' ever-diversifying supply-chain needs, our teams of experienced staff who operate state-of-the-art transportation and cargo-handling machinery and warehouses provide efficient and reliable logistics solutions and services.
Our corporate philosophy places high value on being always grateful, amicable, sincere, and helpful to others. With this philosophy in mind, we pursue excellence in our services so as to become a trusted logistics partner upon whom customers can depend.

We are committed to working with you to achieve our vision of becoming a provider of truly integrated logistics services in the coming years.

Sanriku Unyu Co., Ltd .